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meet tamiko

Ok, let's begin with my name. It's of Japanese origin, and as you can see, your girl is brown! A complete "mistake" due to my mother's poor penmanship, which led to the divine intervening. One meaning is "child of the people." Oh, how fitting. Ha!


I was born and nurtured in the moving streets of Nashville, Tennessee. It wasn't until junior high that I was introduced to any form of the performing arts. There I joined the Forensics team and performed a poem (originally performed by an aunt at that same school, some 20 years prior) by Paul Laurence Dunbar. My next endeavor wouldn't be until my senior year of high school, when I auditioned for, and was subsequently cast, as God. It’s been downhill ever since! I kid. 


Proud product of an HBCU-- THE Tennessee State University. There I earned my degree in Speech Communication & Theater and also learned how to be proactive in navigating my path as an artist. Art is life! My younger self (Mimi) is definitely saying “Duh.”


I’m currently moving and shaking in these film/theatrical streets, creating works with lovely people, and counting the days until someone decides to turn one of Octavia E. Butler’s books into a film or series (call my agent, no seriously)!!


Shall we create sensational work together? In the meantime and between time, hit your girl up if you’re in need of a Performance Coach.  


Salut (that’s French for, BYE Y’ALL)!

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tamiko robinson steele

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